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Chintan Patel
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Ek Tha Tiger Vs Electrical Engineer

Chintan Patel
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Bollywood movies contain some of the funniest blunders ever noticed. You need to observe the movie from the view point of an engineer to identify such blunders. One of the such movies is "Ek Tha Tiger". Recall the stunning scene from the movie in which so called filmy tiger saves the passengers by stopping the train by pulling the pantograph with his blazer. First observe the scene carefully and then enjoy the following blunders which I noticed in the scene.

1) No railway tracks: Electric train is running on the road without Railway Tracks

2) No Overhead Supply System: In the next frame tracks are appeared suddenly but surprisingly there is no overhead supply system. So, electric train is running without electricity.

3) How many railway lines?: In following picture there are two railway line. But after      some time the second railway line is disappeared.

4) No. of overhead conductors are changed: In first snap only one overhead conductor is vissible. But in the next frame suddenly there are two overhead conductors.

5) Two different Pantograph designs in the same locomotive: In one frame the design of pantograph is different and in the next frame pantograph is changed. In a running train how is it possible?? only Tiger can answer....

6) Sparking/Arcing without separation of Pantograph & conductor: Sparking/arcing occurs only when two current carrying contacts are separated. Here it can be seen even befroe a filmy tiger removes his blazer.

7) Trying to stop the train which is already stopped: This frame comes in begining of the scene. See the speedometer. It shows zero. Means tiger is trying to stop the train which is already stopped.

Conclusion of the story is observe the movies as an Electrical Engineer.

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